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Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

How we started

Allied Networking was founded in 2004, by Andrew Williams, as a network monitoring company using NetHawk™ technology. In 2006, Allied Networking expanded its offerings to include IT support services, consulting, and off-site file replication (UltraBackup™). 

Why we started

Our philosophy is that it is far less costly to schedule regular maintenance tasks, plan for expected issues, and monitor the status of your network than it is to call for help once an issue has occurred. We strive to ensure that our customers' infrastructure will be highly available utilizing our proven methodology of maintaining, monitoring, and servicing your network. Using our approach, even when issues arise, we are able to detect, react, and recover from failures faster, decreasing network downtime. By leveraging the built-in features of the Windows Operating System, cost-effective maintenance tools, and various scripting techniques, we are able to automate and minimize the time involved to perform routine updates, system scans, and health checks necessary to keep your computer systems running and secure.